Don’t Break the Bank!

Getting married is a wonderful thing, but it shouldn’t cause financial distress. Many brides (and grooms) are so focused on having their dream wedding, that they lose track of the financial implications that come with it. We have heard horror stories of couples struggling to pay off their wedding debts years after the wedding. They admit that although their day turned out amazing, the stress that comes with having to pay the debt off, along with other bills, takes a toll on their marriage. As a matter of fact, studies show that financial stress is the second highest reason for divorce. Being and staying married is work in itself, adding more stress than needed will not help.

Having a beautiful wedding day is not out of reach if you are on a tight budget, however, it takes a lot of planning and organizing months in advance. To the couples out there that would love to create an amazing atmosphere for their wedding without breaking the bank, here are some tips that may help:

  • Start planning the wedding 12-15 months in advance. Shop around for deals on venues, florists, entertainment, etc. The earlier you book the better.
  • Brides, you can still have a couture dress, without paying thousands. You can choose to rent your dress or purchase a used one. There are several sites that sell pre-owned dresses at a discounted price. One of my favorites Grooms, you can go to stores like Men’s Warehouse which rents out the grooms tux for free when the rest of the bridal party pays for tux rental.
  • Ever hear the saying, “Ask and you shall receive?” Well its true! Don’t be afraid to solicit help from family members and friends. People will be more than happy to play a role in helping you turn your big day into a reality.
  • If you are a DIY bride, check out local stores like Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Party City, etc. They sometimes have items on clearance and online coupons you can use. Oriental Trading is also a good online vendor to get your gift favors and decorating supplies.
  • Cut down the number of guests you invite. The smaller the number of guests, the more inexpensive everything becomes.
  • For catering needs, visit your local culinary arts school and see if they are willing to provide catering services to you. The costs are more than 30% less than a traditional professional catering company. Also, up and coming catering companies will be more likely to negotiate prices with you.
  • For photography and videography, scout companies that provide both services. This will help with costs and eliminate extra paperwork.
  • Attend bridal shows. You can get lots of ideas and build connections with people in the industry.

There are many more websites that provide more information on innovative ways to cut costs for your big day. Research the net and bridal magazines for more creative ways to save.

Happy Planning!