Is that baby’s breath?!

When you think of baby’s breath, it’s never thought of as a stand alone flower, but always “filler” flower to make bouquets/centerpieces fuller. Recently trending however, baby’s breath is being used as the sole flower for centerpieces and bouquets. Not only is it a great idea but cost efficient as well. It’s such an easy flower to work with, turning your project into a DIY will be almost effortless.

Just imagine, if you’re getting married, each bridesmaids’ bouquet can cost you anywhere between $25-$100 per bridesmaids, depending what type of flowers you desire and how full you want them to be. Now consider baby’s breath; If you are a DIY bride, with just $6, you can create beautiful bouquets for your bridesmaids; that’s just one example.

With baby’s breath, the possibilities are endless. Use your creativity and create your masterpiece.

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 114372





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