Surprise Engagement

This weekend we had the pleasure of planning a surprise engagement party for one of our event coordinators. It was exciting but also a bit difficult. The hardest part was keeping this a secret for weeks while working around her. The task certainly was not easy; we were working after hours, sending private text messages and speaking in codes while she was around…and what’s worse, the lies we told her never made sense!! We knew she sensed something was up, especially when she viewed our calendar and saw that there was an event scheduled, but she wasn’t working that day (this rarely happens) with no explanation why. Thank goodness her good friend Tabitha scheduled a spa day for her that day! we thought we were clear and out of the woods until she called after her spa day, and said she was going to stop by headquarters (where the party was going to be held). We all simultaneously and abruptly yelled, “No!” as if it were rehearsed.  I admit, we panicked, it hurt her feelings, but it had to be done!

When she walked in with her fiancée and realized what was going on, the look on her face was priceless and will forever be embedded in our memories. After saying yes, with tears (of joy ofcourse) flowing from her eyes, she exclaimed, “No wonder you all were acting weird!!!” and we all erupted with laughter.

The love amongst family and friends overflowed while they all enjoyed great food, good music, and lots of laughter; it truly was a night to remember.