Belle Events International, LLC was founded in March, 2006 by Rose Francois-St. Paul. During the initial planning for her own wedding, Rose became frustrated with the many wedding planners she interviewed. Feeling as though the event planners did not listen to her, but rather imposed their own design plans on her, she decided to plan the entire wedding shower, engagement celebration, and wedding on her own, from beginning to end. The concept and goal was to provide a “belle” or beautiful atmosphere in each event. Proving that she had the talent, she was able to execute this each time for her own events. Realizing her God-given creativity and drive to create memorable events, Belle Events International, LLC was born.

Soon after, people have entrusted Mrs. St. Paul with their weddings, corporate events, concerts, fundraisers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. The company prides itself on providing superior customer service. Each event is special and B.E.I. goes above and beyond to ensure customer realization and satisfaction. As a result, many clients are repeat customers or have been referred by someone who have used the services.

Visit http://www.eventswithbelle.com for more information.

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